Q. What is the Solent?

A. The Solent is the stretch of sea between the Isle of Wight and the mainland, resulting in  Portsmouth and Southampton and surrounding areas being know locally as the Solent.

Q. What is feminism?

In general terms, feminism is the fundamental belief that men and women should be treated equally, and have equal social, economic and political rights.

Q. Why do you hate men?

A. We don’t hate men, in fact we have men in our group. As feminists we believe that the current culture harms men as well as women. We don’t believe that men are violent animals who can’t control themselves when they see an attractive women. We don’t believe it is ‘natural’ for men to rape, abuse or objectify women. We believe men can challenge sexism and fight for equality too.

Q. Can I be a member? How do I join?

A. Yes, anyone can be a member as long as they are a feminist or interested in learning about feminism in a pro feminist environment.  Email us at solentfeministnetwork@gmail.com and sign up to our mailing list. Then come along to one of our meetings on the third Sunday of the Month. If you can’t make Sunday meetings we often organise other meet ups including socials, protests and marches on different days.

Q. Are you prudes/ anti sex.

A. No we are very pro sex. We advocate for good comprehensive sex education and think people should be able to explore their sexuality in safe consenting environments.  We do however take an anti-sex industry stance. This is because we see the sex industry as institutionally sexist and think that it is not only harmful to the women involved but it promotes  a sexist culture that harms gender relations. We do not judge any women involved in the sex industry however,  as we recognise there are a lot of different reasons people enter the industry. We understand this is a complicated area among feminists and suggest you come along to a meeting if you want to know more. Alternatively we recommend looking at the OBJECT website for a greater understanding of the issues.

Q. Can I come and give a talk? Will SFN hold a fundraiser for my charity?

A. If you work for a Feminist or Woman’s Rights Charity and would like to come speak at a Solent Feminist Network meeting, please do get in contact. Similarly if you would like support fundraising, or publicising events that you think might be relevant to SFN email us and we’ll discuss it at our next meeting.

For more detailed information on Solent Feminist Network and our stance on issues please see our constitution.


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