Ann Jones – Access Contact

I am Ann, proudly deaf sign language user, communicating by lip reading, notes and lots of tech. In the current climate I feel strongly that we have an established group who can include and support disabled feminists. I hope that feminists who have mobility or sensory disabilities will make contact with us and that we can find ways to work together.
Let’s show that united we are powerful.

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Communications Officer- Rachael Holter

Hello, my name is Rachael and I’m pleased to be taking on the role of Communications officer for SFN. I have only been involved with the group for a short while but I’m very committed to taking SFN forward by improving how we communicate with members and potential members. It is vital that SFN is accessible to all who are interested in feminism and the work we do. I believe that our new committee structure will help us in our work towards making the Solent region and the world a better place to be a woman.

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Co-chair and Treasurer – Sarah Bland

Hi all, my name is Sarah and I’ve taken on two roles in the new committee, one as co-chair and one as treasurer.  I’ve been an active member of SFN for just over two years and am very excited about the year ahead.  We have a few ongoing campaigns and no doubt new ones will pop up over the coming months, and with the committee now in place I believe we’ll have our most productive year yet!
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Secretary – Charlie Dacke

Hi everyone, my name is Charlie and I am pleased to be taking on the role of Secretary for SFN. I have been involved with the group now for 6 years and have unofficially co-ordinated the minutes and agendas for meetings. I am passionate about continuing the work of SFN and keep our local group going. It is vital that we are available for those coming to a feminist way of thinking to be able to contact us and get involved. Our new structure will enable us to work more effectively and I look forward to working with all of you.
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New Committee

On Sunday the 17th of March we held our AGM, where among other very important things we elected a new committee! Caroline Storey and Sarah Bland where appointed Co-Chairs, Charlie Dacke as Secretary, Rachael Holter as Communications Officer, Anne Jones as Access Officer and Sarah Bland as Treasurer. Thank you to everyone who voted, the new committee will be introducing themselves via this blog shortly.

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International Women’s Day – Change of location

Due to the weather conditions we will be moving the event indoors to the Southsea Community Centre Sports Hall, St Paul’s Square, King St, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 4EE. The event is still to run from 5pm and will be held in the main sports hall but there will be someone on the door to direct people. Obviously this will no longer technically be a bridge event but we will still be marking and celebrating International Women’s Day, which is the important thing! If you have any questions about the change in venue you can contact Solent Feminist Network via the events Facebook page.

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International Women’s Day – Women on the Bridge

International Women’s Day has been celebrated for over one hundred years and is now a public holiday in countries as diverse as the UK, Afghanistan, Nepal and Russia. International Women’s Day grows each year and many different events are held around the world. One of the most popular events started as the meeting of Congolese and Rwandan women on a bridge that joined their two countries and came to represent the importance of women from all over the world joining together to build bridges of peace and progress. It has become a tradition for groups of women to meet on bridges around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day and to work together to support women all over the world.

On the 8th of March Solent Feminist Network and Aurora New Dawn will be hosting a Join us on the bridge event at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth. This will include speakers, live music and a very moving candle ceremony.  The event runs from 5-6pm  on Friday the 8th of March and will take place on the final bridge along the canal that separates the residential part of Gunwharf from the restaurants. Come along and help us celebrate and support women everywhere.

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